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  • Helping to create powers for cards

For thematic and art reasons, most of the cards where already decided by the time I started at Lone Shark Games. However, they had not all been designed yet so part of my job was to come up with powers that made sense for certain locations and cards as well as identify cards that weren't working as intended or didn't feel powerful enough.


An adventure card game and roleplaying game with supernatural and horror themes.


Systems Design Intern

Release Date


  • Rules Editing

A fan of the game created a spanish translation of the rules and I was tasked with editing that version. This gave me the opportunity to familiarize myself with the rules as well as identify things in the original that weren't clear or caused the game to be played in a way that wasn't intended.

  • Testing / Iteration

Along with the other interns, it was my job to run playtest sessions in order to test the game's rules as well as individual cards. To facilitate the tracking of playtest data and to better answer questions of how the game was functioning, I created playtest forms and spreadsheets that could be updated with relative ease.

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