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Expansion to best selling board game about being trapped in a house with your friends, one or more of whom may be a traitor.


Systems Design Intern


  • Coauthoring a Haunt

Along with three other interns at Lone Shark Games, I wrote one of the haunts for the game. My personal contributions where some of the mechanics used in the haunt as well as writing the flavor text for it. We all tested it and iterated on it together. 

Release Date

Fall 2016

  • Item / Omen Balancing

Because this game is an expansion, it was very important to ensure that the new items and omens didn't feel overpowered or underpowered compared the ones from the original game. I calculated the expected values of the different items and omens we created, to give us an objective measurement to compare them.

  • Testing / Iteration

A big selling point for the game is the fact that the haunts are written by famous writers and game designers. As part of the development team, much of my time was testing the different haunts that were submitted and making sure that they were working as intended and were fun. If they weren't, I helped to come up with ways to modify them and simplify them so that they were as fun as possible without being overly complicated.

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