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Solo Project




  • Random Narrative

One of my goals for this project was to have a narrative built into the randomizer. I came up with the idea of using a deck of cards that, on one side would be a Barry's actions and on the other, their consequences.

  • Cooperative Game

Another of my goals was to create a cooperative game in which the players would unite against a common adversary. In this case, their friend Barry's luck.

High Concept

Barry has the worst luck of anyone who has ever lived. Anywhere he goes he wreaks havoc and causes terrible things to happen. Unfortunately, you’re his best friends in the whole world and as such you have burdened yourselves with the task of saving the world by cleaning up all of these crises that he causes. Today, he is trying to get to the office. Can you keep the world safe from his luck?


A solo project for one of the Board Game classes at DigiPen. The assignment was to focus on the game's theme.


4 Weeks (2013)

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