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Key Features

  • Virtual Reality

Adapted first-person shooter mechanics for VR, attempting to reduce simulation sickness as much as posisble. 

  • Weapon Feedback

Added lots of little feedback details to the gun to make it feel a lot better. Some examples of this are the kick, muzzle flash and sound, as well as creating a quad and some impact particles where the guns hits surfaces.

High Concept

A first-person shooter for the Oculus in which the player is fighting inside the computer.


A quick prototype to test shooter

mechanics inside the Oculus.


3 Weeks


Unity  (C#)


  • Javier Quintero // Design and Implementation

  • Fernanda Coelho // Models and Textures

  • Geoffrey Walker // Music 

  • Eric Delgado // Sound Effects

  • Controls

Controls are always a problem in VR because of how movement has been known to cause simulation sickness. The prototypes control system attempts to mitigate this by making aiming contextual, as well as allowing you to aim with your hear or the right stick. 

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