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Key Features

  • Reversed Controls

The game generates a sense of unease in the players at all times. Part of this is achieved by having inverted controls forcing the players to think extra-hard about how they are moving.

  • Game Menu

The game behaves differently than you would expect, starting at the menu. This, though risky, is very important because it serves the purpose of getting players into that mindset.

  • Randomized Exits 

Being able to learn the solution would ruin the whole challenge of the game. For this reason, the exit gets randomized at the start of every level and the signs adapt to show the correct path.

High Concept

A top-down exploration game in which everything does the exact opposite of what you expect.


A solo project for one of the 2D prototyping classes at DigiPen. The assignment was to make a game that generated in the player a sense of mental challenge.


Zero Engine  (Python)


4 Weeks (2013)


Solo Project



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