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2013 DigiPen Awards: Best Freshman Game In a Pre-built Engine


  • Puzzle Design

Designed some of the game's assymetrical audiovisual puzzles.

  • Player Interaction Balancing 

Focused on balancing the interaction between players, which was particularly important in this game since one player could only see and the other could only hear.

  • Level Design

Collaborated with the rest of the team on the Level Design.

High Concept

A cooperative asymmetrical sensory puzzle game, in which two players need to escape an abandoned hospital by using their senses. 


One of my freshman-year team projects at DigiPen.


Unity (Javascript)


10 Weeks (2013)



  • Alejandro Méndez // Designer

  • Javier Quintero // Designer 

  • José Villegas // Designer



Team Blindfold

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