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Key Features

  • Third-Person Camera

High Concept

A single player game about a Robot reporting news events happening in a city.


A solo project for one of the 3D prototyping classes at DigiPen. The assignment was to focus on creating a good third-person 3D camera.


For the purpose of learning, as well as having more control over it, I chose to create this from scratch rather than using Unity’s default third-person camera. I based it on the idea of having a physical cameraman which follows the player. As a result, many of the issues that are common in 3D cameras (such as clipping) were fixed by having a physical camera object.

  • Dialogue

Unity (C#)


5 Weeks (2014)


The intent was to create a comical experience for the player. For this purpose, I wrote some amusing dialogue for the character to say when it encountered each of the different news events. I then recorded the dialogue myself and edited it in a Digital Audio Workshop in order to make it sound more robotic.

Solo Project



  • Different Camera Angles

I added different cinematic moments and angles, such as a helicopter camera and a basic close up, which make the game feel more alive and really reinforce the theme of being a reporter.

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