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2016 DigiPen Awards: 2nd Best Senior Game


  • Level Design

Created the game's level and iterated on it. Being able to control the overall progression of the game allowed me to ensure that the each of the abilities that the players unlock felt rewarding and useful in the section of the game where they got them. Additionally, leading the player was particularly important because of how easy it is to get lost in the game.

  • Game Design

The team had a very flat structure so the overall design of the game was a collaborative effort that we came up with together. 

High Concept

An atmospheric underwater exploration game for the oculus, with a focus on survival in an alien ocean.


My senior-year team project at DigiPen.


Unreal Engine 4 + Oculus DK2


2 Semesters.


Team Atmos:

  • Aaron Johnson

  • Stan Hayes

  • Seth Weedin

  • Jordan Krissi

  • Cole Ingram

  • Greg Dixon

  • Ian Shores

  • Shauny Sion Jang

  • Javier Quintero

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