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Key Features

  • Telekinesis System

In this system, each object has a weight which affects how long it takes to lift and how far it knocks the other player on collision. My goal with this was to generate a feeling of Risk vs. Reward in which players have to choose whether they want the speed of picking up a lighter object or the power picking up a heavier one. Much of the development time was spent on balancing the numbers for the system in order to achieve this effect.

  • Character Controller

In order to learn more about how to do it, as well as having more control, I chose to create my character controller from scratch rather than using Unity’s default one. I incorporated concepts such as additive jump and a late-jump timer in order to create a smoother experience for the players.

High Concept

A 2-player first-person shooter in which players are trying to knock each other off the stage by grabbing and throwing objects with their minds.


A solo project for one of the 3D prototyping classes at DigiPen. The assignment was to make a game that generated in the players a sense of competition.


Unity (C#)


4 Weeks (2014)


Solo Project



  • Evolving Level Features

One of my main goals with this game was to allow players to lift any object they could think of, including some of the level’s platforms and walls. This caused the level to evolve from round to round and generated an interesting shift in the tactics that a player adopted depending on what the current state of the level.

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